Friday, July 3, 2015

YW Camp

I did something I have never done before.  I only went up for part of the week of Young Women's camp.  Things were just too crazy at home to be gone and they had plenty of leaders that were going to be there so I waited and went up the last couple days.  The first night I was there we  had an incredible speaker.  He talked about his journey, one that had two gaping extremes.  He was in trouble with gangs and drugs and while he was running from someone who was trying to murder him his life changed and he turned to God.  After that his life was much different and now he is quite Christ-like.
These were my favorite take-aways from his messages:

  • You will mess up but that doesn't mean you are doomed
  • There isn't a mold for a Mormon
  • Everyday is a fight and we have choices as to how it is shaped, though we can't control all we do have choices
I was so excited for these girls to hear what he was sharing. I really hope they were able to absorb his messages.

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