Sunday, July 19, 2015

Poof! Clint is 9!

Mr. Clint celebrated another birthday today!  He requested a cookie cake again.  Months ago at the ward youth fundraiser auction Clint begged us to bid on the magic show that was being auctioned.  Craig Jensen is a guy in our ward that is pretty great at magician and he offered to do a 30 minute magic show.  We figured it would make a great birthday party for Clint so we bid on it and won.  We had to schedule the party for tomorrow, since his birthday fell on a Sunday, so Clint can hardly wait for today to be over. :)  He was pretty excited for his gifts from the family.  He decided months ago that all he wanted was the Nerf Zombie Cross Bow Gun, so when he saw it he was super excited.  The best though was his reaction when he saw his gift from Kade and Cole.  It was an electricity ball.  The boys had so much fun with it all day.

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