Saturday, July 4, 2015


Darryl got to go to a huge clay conference in Scotland this year.  The conference is only held every 4 years so I'm hoping it'll be my chance and I'll be posting in 4 years about the both of us going.  At one point I was actually going to go on the this trip.  When Darryl talked to Rhett about him going Rhett suggested that Darryl should bring me along because the additional cost would be food and flight and they were willing to cover that.  I was thrilled, but about a month later when they went to book the flights and they found that one ticket was over $2500, we decided we just couldn't expect that from the company and we just didn't feel up to it just yet financially since we just returned from the cruise.  It's the thought that counts. :)  These are a few photos Darryl shared with us while he was there July 4th-12th.  I should point out that the first one is the place that they went to get their packets for the conference-- I believe it is also the site of the conference.  Such amazing historic buildings that are still in use!  Most of the buildings they went to see were built in the 1300s.  He said the part of town called "new town" was built in 1780s.  I love it!  This was such a neat trip for Darryl.  He said he tried to keep his geeking out to a minimum for Paul's sake (Paul was the only one that went with him from Redmond Minerals).


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