Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fun With Gravel

We went down for the Redmond 24th of July celebration and the Milo and Lamar Bosshardt family reunion.  Tonight was the town BBQ.  The kids had fun playing at the park with their cousins and other kids.  Cole and Kade enjoyed being buried by the rocks.  Kade was buried alive with the rocks and while doing it rocks slipped into his ear.  We've experienced that and so it got a little intense for a minute but we were able to get them out without getting them lodged in his ear.  I don't think I've written about that even before.  About two years ago Kade was playing at the playground during school and somehow one of little rocks ended up in his ear.   When he tried to get it out it ended up getting lodged in his ear.  His teacher and other staff at the school tried to get it out but only pushed it further into his ear canal.  They called me and I picked him up from school.  I tried getting it out with a pencil with tape on the end, also with gum on the end.  That didn't work.  I tried sucking it with a straw but it didn't move.  I called Darryl at this point, a little worried now, and he came home from work and we tried using a vacuum which didn't seem to work either.  We decided we would just need to take him to the Dr.  Dr. Sisneros didn't seem worried when we told him why we were there, but when he looked in Kade's ear and saw how far it was in there his demeanor changed which made me extremely concerned.  Being the awesome Dr. he is he used a little tool that looked similar to scissors, which I thought, 'That will never work,' and he had the pebble out rather quickly.  We all let out a sigh of relief and went on our way.  They did put Kade on an antibiotic and told us to watch him just in case the abrasions from the rock in the ear became infected.  His ear was sore for a couple days but it turned out much better than we thought it would.  Yikes! Keep the rocks away from the ears! ;)

The most entertaining part of their playtime was when they filled their shirts full of rocks and then tromped around like an overweight old man.  It was such a funny sight.  They raised the funny level when they started trying to cross the monkey bars with their bellies-- hysterical!

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